Saturday 27 September, Ringwood, Southern Championship

Rob Sayell's rear engined Dart made its debut David Jenkins had his second meeting in the GP Classic, taking a win in Heat two when his Dad Tony's car ended up on its side after just 6 laps. Many cars were damaged and this turned out to be the shortest race of the season when promoters decided not to restart Andrew Bilby had another brace of 2nds. Mark Hodges did a 620 mile round trip to race. Harry Sayell added the Southern Championship to his collection and Andy Collins closed in on 6th overall with just one race left

Report from Motoring News

Unlucky round 13 of the RESB series saw six cars damaged after Tony Jenkins rolled in Heat Two. Harry Sayell took the Southern Championship and heat one with David Jenkins triumphing in the much-curtailed second heat.

Jenkins Junior led heat one from Mark Hodges and Rob Sayell, with Gary Piper taking over the lead on lap five. Harry Sayell then stormed round the outside line to assume first place one lap later. Piper spun away second on lap nine, promoting Andrew Bilby as Toni Scheepens made a late charge for third.

David Jenkins was early leader in heat two from Hodges and Andy Collins. On lap six Tony Jenkins dived for the inside line, overshot and collided with the inner barrier before rolling into the path of the star men. Quick reaction from officials brought the red flags out instantly as the pack braked and collided in avoidance of the upturned Westfield. Jenkins was consequently declared the winner from Collins, Hodges and Rob Sayell.

In the final Phil Langley was the early leader before being demoted on lap four by Bilby and Collins. By lap six Sayell Snr was third, taking the lead five laps later and ultimately the crown. Bilby held on to finish second, Gary Granger spinning away third on the last lap to the benefit of Evans. With just one race to run, Weston is confirmed runner-up to Sayell in the 1997 series with third to sixth places still undecided. Granger is 11 points ahead of fourth-placed Evans who is in turn just three points ahead of Poole. Collins has moved up to sixth and Piggins is only four points adrift. Anne Sawa

Heat One: 1 Harry Sayell (VW); 2 Andrew Bilby (BMC); 3 Toni Scheepens (Ford); 4 Tony Jenkins (Ford); 5 Andy Collins (BMC); 6 Steve Piggins (VW).

Heat Two: 1 David Jenkins (Ford); 2 Collins; 3 Mark Hodges (BMC); 4 Rob Sayell (BMC); 5 Gary Bonner (Ford); 6 Steve Evans (BMC).

Final: 1 Harry Sayell; 2 Bilby, 3 Evans; 4 John Weston (BMC); 5 Collins; 6 Bonner.