Saturday 10 May, Ringwood, Graham Hill Memorial

Nineteen cars graced the Midgets return to the track for the first time since 1992, Dutchmen Toni Scheepens and Marco Verhagen amongst them. Gary Bonner an early race leader was relegated to 3rd place in a few yards when suspension failure struck as he approached the finishing line and Barry Phillips got a nasty shock when the Jenkins Westfield arrived in his cockpit as they drove down the start finish straight. Barry later retired for rest of the season whilst building a new car.

Motorsport News report

World Champion Toni Scheepens and fellow Dutchman Marco Verhagen joined 17 British Midgets at Ringwood raceway on Saturday evening. However all three races were won by European Champion Harry Sayell.

Heat one saw Andrew Bilby lead for the first eight of 15 laps with Gordon Pooley in close pursuit. Sayell was on a now typical charge from the back and took up the on lap nine to go on to victory.

Heat two again saw Bilby off to a flyer, but he was demoted on lap nine by Sayell who took the flag, Bilby came in fourth behind Bonner and Scheepens.

The Graham Hill final saw Bilby lead for five of the 20 laps, until demoted by Bonner and then Sayell four laps later. Bonner was then half a lap clear of Sayell and lapping backmarkers. This allowed the VW driver to reel him in and secure the his hat-trick on lap 14. Suspected suspension failure on the final lap demoted Bonner to third behind Scheepens