Sunday 16 June 1996, Arena, Graham Hill Trophy
Report by Richard Neil from Motoring News

Reigning Champion Harry Sayell simply cleaned up at Arena with three straight wins from three races to snatch back the championship lead from fellow VW pilot Stuart Haynes.

Race one was led away by Stuart Staniford from Andrew Bilby and Barry Phillips with fast atarting blue top Gary Bonner in hot pursuit. Bonner nipped past Phillips but spun and stalled on the exit of the fourth bend bringing out waved yellow flags. The field obediently slowed with Harry Sayell taking full advantage of the closed gap resulting from the yellows to dive around the outside into the lead. Staniford held on gamely for a well earned second place followed by front engine championship leader Gary Granger and Stuart Haynes.

Staniford marched off into the distance again in the trophy race, pulling out nearly half a lap whilst Sayell fought his way through the red and blue graded drivers. Stani-ford spent a couple of laps tailing backmarker John Salter who was suffering gearbox problems in the Starcraft and then nipped through on the inside on the third bend. Salter cut across, the two cars tangled and Staniford's Arrow somersaulted and landed on all fours in the middle of the corner. The race was stopped immediately and the car removed from the circuit handing the lead to Sayell who drove perfectly to seal his second win of the day from the Dastle of Gordon Pooley and Haynes.

The last race of the day saw another Sayell victory which he had sewn up after just five laps. This time the chasers were led by John Weston in the BMC Arrow with Bonner again showing a turn of speed, this time with staying power to secure third with his Fireball. Pooley wrapped up the front engine class honours with bth whilst Sayell's perfect score of 40 points moves him ahead of Stuart Haynes in the overall standings.

Race one (16 laps)
Grid: white) 12, 59, 16 blue) 27, 33 red) 25, 77, 55, 8, 11, 1, 19
1st 1 Harry Sayell, 2nd 59 Stuart Staniford, 3rd 25 Gary Granger, 4th 19 Stuart Haynes, 5th 33 Gordon Pooley, 6th 11 Steve Piggins, 7th 77 Neil Clarke, 8th 55 John Weston, 9th 16 Andrew Bilby, 10th 12 Barry Phillips, 11th 8 Eddy Ricketts

Race two (Graham Hill Trophy, 20 laps)
Grid: white) 12, 59, 16 blue) 27, 33 red) 25, 55, 11, 1, 77, 19, 41
1st 1 Harry Sayell, 2nd 33 Gordon Pooley, 3rd 19 Stuart Haynes, 4th 11 Steve Piggins, 5th 77 Neil Clarke, 6th 55 John Weston, 7th 16 Andrew Bilby, 8th 12 Barry Phillips

Race three (12 laps)
Grid: white) 12, 16 blue) 33, 27 red) 55, 77, 11, 1, 19, 41
1st 1 Harry Sayell, 2nd 55 John Weston, 3rd 27, 4th 77 Neil Clarke, 5th 11 Steve Piggins, 6th 33 Gordon Pooley, 7th 16 Andrew Bilby, 8th 12 Barry Phillips, 9th 19 Stuart Haynes, 10th 41 John Salter