Saturday 8 June 1996, Northampton, Bill Boarer Memorial

(Short Circuit) The Grand Prix Midgets returned to Northampton in Early June.  Sixteen cars gridded for heat one and Harry Sayell soon worked his way through the field, taking the flag, and did likewise in heat two.  However Stuart Haynes was chasing and got into second place on lap twelve, closing the gap until it looked as if he might just make it into the lead.

In the final Haynes opened up a gap up front, helped by an early error by Sayell.  But Sayell began sweeping around the outside of the track and this very quickly put him into contention with leader Haynes, but Stuart was not going to be robbed of this one and for nine laps these two cars went around the oval at full chat with Sayell doing everyhting he could to get past Haynes – who in turn kept his line well, constantly ‘shutting the door’ on any move that Sayell made.  As the chequered flag was lifted Sayell made a last desperate attempt to get to the front.  Haynes however was well up to the mark and he clogged it hard around the last bend with Sayell literally climbing down his exhaust pipe, crossing the line first.  Third place went to Neil Clarke, who in fact was not all that far behind when the flag went out.

(Motoring News) Northampton produced yet another healthy turnout of cars with a return to form for Harry Sayell who closed the gap on Silver top Stuart Haynes with only his second outright victory of the season.

This year's debutante Stuart Stanford led the opening race in the ex-Scott Roth Arrow for nine laps from Allen Herbert until Harry Sayell shot past the pair to take up the lead he was not to lose. Championship leader Stuart Haynes, piloting a similar VW to Sayell, gave chase but had to settle for second with Neil Clarke third in his Ray. Gary Granger in Mk 18 Dastle got the better of Gordon Pooley in the front-engined class as Pooley's diff blew.

The second race followed a simi-lar pattern with Staniford surren-dering the lead to Sayell on lap nine once again. Hayes was the quickest of the chasers with Staniford holding on to third behind the pair at the flag. Steve Piggins in his VW was launched into the air and crashed heavily following a colli-sion with Clarke which denied him fourth position. Granger again led his class, this time from Barry Phillips driving one of the older Mk 7 Dastles.

It was all change for the Bill Boarer Memorial race with Sayell having to play follow-my-leader as Haynes raced through to the front. Sayell was never far away but Haynes drove the perfect defensive race to take the trophy with Sayell collecting second and overall points honours. Granger again won the front engined battle from Phillips and now heads the class from Pooley and Eddy Ricketts. How-ever, Haynes' overall championship lead is now down to just two points from Sayell with Piggins third from Scott Roth.

Race one
Cars: 59, 6, 67, 3, 12, 16, 2, 41, 38, 77, 55, 25, 33, 11, 1, 19
1st 1 Harry Sayell, 2nd 19 Stuart Haynes, 3rd 77 Neil Clarke, 4th 11 Steve Piggins, 5th 59 Stuart Staniford, 6th 2 Andy Collins, 7th 55 John Weston, 8th 25 Gary Granger, 9th 33 Gordon Pooley, 10th 67 Allen Herbert, 11th 16 Andrew Bilby, 12th 6 Steve Lay, 13th 3 Rod Pashley, 14th 12 Barry Phillips

Race two
Cars: 59, 6, 67, 3, 12, 16, 2, 77, 55, 25, 11, 1, 19
1st 1 Harry Sayell, 2nd 19 Stuart Haynes, 3rd 59 Stuart Staniford, 4th 77 Neil Clarke, 5th 55 John Weston, 6th 2 Andy Collins, 7th 25 Gary Granger, 8th 16 Andrew Bilby, 9th 12 Barry Phillips

Race three (Bill Boarer Trophy, 20 laps)
Cars: 59, 3, 12, 16, 2, 77, 55, 25, 11, 1, 19
1st 19 Stuart Haynes, 2nd 1 Harry Sayell, 3rd 77 Neil Clarke, 4th 55 John Weston, 5th 59 Stuart Staniford, 6th 25 Gary Granger, 7th 16 Andrew Bilby, 8th 12 Barry Phillips