14 July 1996, Hednesford, National Championship
Report by Richard Neil from Motoring News

The fast-banked Hednesford rovided the ideal venue for ound 11 of the series and whilst Harry Sayell and Stuart Haynes showed the quickest turn of speed, the National Championship race proved to be one where endurance would count over pace.

Barry Phillips led the field away in the venerable Dastle, the classic styled car setting a rapid pace throughout with only Harry Sayell and Stuart Haynes in their VW's able to better its pace. Sayell took over at the front on the sixth lap and never looked back despite the efforts of Haynes and took the flag ahead of his arch-rival. Phillips was an impressive third with John Weston taking fourth in his BMC motivated Arrow.

Race two was almost identical. Sayell and Haynes relived their battle again with Phillips proving his first race result was no fluke with another third. the remaining positions were considerably as different as the chasing pack fought it out as close knit group which was headed by Nic Grindrod, having a day off from circuit racing in his Westfield SE, who took fourth.

The final race of the day was for one of the formula's oldest honours, the National Championship. Phillips led the field away but the field was brought to a halt on lap three with the demise of pre-race favorites Sayell and Haynes who tangled and retired. Phillips must have fancied his chances too much and perhaps it was the excitement which caused a spin handing the lead to Arrow mounted Andy Collins. Andrew Bilby brought out the red flags again as his stranded BMC rammed the stricken Phillips Dastle at full chat, both cars were severely damaged but thankfully the drivers were not. Those who thought the excitement was over were mistaken as Collins waved goodbye to a huge lead as his engine started to make unhealthy noises . This handed the lead to the John Salter in the exhillclimb Starcraft car with Steve Piggins and Gary Granger crawling all over his rear end. Both pursuants tried the oil tainted outside line several times over the closing laps but Salter had the pick of the line and carefully kept a tidy line to take the title barely 18 inches in front of Piggins. Granger was the first front engined car home in third with outgoing champion Grindrod in fourth.

Race one (12 laps)
Cars: 78, 12, 41, 16, 25, 2, 55, 11, 33, 22, 1, 55, 19 (77 was a non starter)
1st 1 Harry Sayell, 2nd 19 Stuart Haynes, 3rd 12 Barry Phillips, 4th 55 John Weston, 5th 11 Steve Piggins, 6th 22 Nic Grindrod, 7th 2 Andy Collins, 8th 33 Gordon Pooley, 9th 16 Andrew Bilby, 10th 25 Gary Granger

Race two (12 laps)
Cars: 65, 12, 16, 25, 2, 55, 11, 33, 22, 19, 1, 22, 33
1st 1 Harry Sayell, 2nd 19 Stuart Haynes, 3rd 12 Barry Phillips, 4th 22 Nic Grindrod, 5th 41 John Salter, 6th 2 Andy Collins, 7th 11 Steve Piggins, 8th 55 John Salter, 9th 25 Gary Granger, 10th 33 Gordon Pooley, 11th 16 Andrew Bilby, 12th 65 Rosemary Staniford

Race three (National Championship)
Cars: 12, 41, 16, 25, 2, 55, 11, 33, 19, 1, 22, 65
1st 41 John Salter, 2nd 11 Steve Piggins, 3rd 25 Gary Granger, 4th 22 Nic Grindrod, 5th 33 Gordon Pooley, 6th 55 John Weston, 7th 65 Rosemary Staniford