Saturday 13 July 1996, Birmingham, Midland Challenge Trophy
Report by Richard Neil from Motoring News

Harry Sayell led the way once again in the Club's second outing at the popular Midlands circuit extending his lead in the RESB International Series over arch rival Stuart Haynes.

Rosemary Staniford led the pack away and held on for three laps before local racer Barry Goldsby's similar BMC Arrow steamed passed. Sayell was on a charge however, and he hit the front on lap six quickly followed by fellow VW pilot Haynes. Gary Bonner's unusual Ford CVH powered Fireball took third with another VW, that of Steve Piggins in fourth.

Staniford led away again in the second although could only hold on for one lap this time as the front engined Dastle of Barry Phillips took control. Goldsby looked keen for a win and mounted a successful challenge on the Dastle, holding the lead until Clinton Dorrell outpaced him down the back straight to move into the lead woth the new Westfield. Sayell was on a flier again but just failed to catch front engined machine which scored its maiden victory from Sayell and Haynes with Bonner notching up some valuable points in fourth. Goldsby lost a place finish in a last lap collision with Piggins.

The final followed a similar pattern at the start with Staniford leading initally with Goldsby again taking over the reigns before Sayell charged through to take his second win of the day. Dorrell made his sideways style count again with second whilst John Salter brought the Starcraft-Ford home in third ahead of Piggins.

The meeting's points victory was another clear one for Sayell with Dorrell a close runner-up and front engine class winner. Sayell thus extends his lead from Haynes whilst the fronts are closing up following a disappointing day's results from Gordon Pooley who still leads the class in his Dastle-Ford form Gary Granger.

Race one: 1st 1 Harry Sayell, 2nd 19 Stuart Haynes, 3rd 27 Gary Bonner, 4th 11 Steve Piggins, 5th 26 Clinton Dorrell, 6th 78 Barry Goldsby, 7th 55 John Weston, 8th 8 Eddy Ricketts, 9th 77 Neil Clarke, 10th 33 Gordon Pooley, 11th 22 Nic Grindrod, 12th 65 Rosemary Staniford, 13th 16 Andrew Bilby, 14th 2 Andy Collins, 15th 12 Barry Phillips

Race two: 1st 26 Clinton Dorrell, 2nd 1 Harry Sayell, 3rd 19 Stuart Haynes, 4th 27 Gary Bonner, 5th 41 John Salter, 6th 55 John Weston, 7th 33 Gordon Pooley, 8th 22 Nic Grindrod, 9th 12 Barry Phillips, 10th 8 Eddy Ricketts, 11th 2 Andy Collins, 12th 25 Gary Granger, 13th 77 Neil Clarke, 14th 65 Rosemary Staniford, 15th Andrew Bilby, 16th 78 Barry Goldsby

Race three (Midland Challenge Cup): 1st 1 Harry Sayell, 2nd 26 Clinton Dorrell, 3rd 41 John Salter, 4th 11 Steve Piggins, 5th 27 Gary Bonner, 6th 78 Barry Goldsby, 7th 8 Eddy Ricketts, 8th 25 Gary Granger, 9th 55 John Weston, 10th 16 Andrew Bilby, 11th 12 Barry Phillips, 12th 65 Rosemary Staniford