Saturday 27 April 1996, Birmingham, Cliff Davis Trophy

Andrew Bilby led for three laps before Scott Roth took over at the front. Gordon Pooley moved into second on lap five.

Race one (12 laps): 1st 7 Scott Roth, 2nd 33 Gordon Pooley, 3rd 11 Steve Piggins, 4th 19 Stuart Haynes, 5th 38 Dick Loseby, 6th 1 Harry Sayell, 7th 8 Eddy Ricketts, 8th 25 Gary Granger, 9th 2 Andy Collins, 10th 71 Steve O'Dell, 11th 16 Andrew Bilby

Andrew Bilby again the early leader from Andy Collins who then took the lead briefly before being passed by Gordon Pooley. Stuart Haynes took second with a couple of laps remaining.

Race two (12 laps): 1st 33 Gordon Pooley, 2nd 19 Stuart Haynes, 3rd 2 Andy Collins, 4th 25 Gary Granger, 5th 8 Eddy Ricketts, 6th 11 Steve Piggins, 7th 16 Andrew Bilby, 8th 7 Scott Roth, 9th 71 Steve O'Dell

Race three (Cliff Davis Trophy, 15 laps): 1st 19 Stuart Haynes, 2nd 7 Scott Roth, 3rd 1 Harry Sayell, 4th 8 Eddy Ricketts, 5th 11 Steve Piggins, 6th 2 Andy Collins, 7th 71 Steve O'Dell Scott Roth took the flag but the results sheet shows that he was dropped a place following a committee meeting.

The following drivers had problems in practice and did not race: John Weston (gearbox), Barry Goldsby (engine) and Neil Clarke (damage). Steve O'Dell was racing under an experimental licence.