Sunday 7 April 1996, Peterborough

The first round of the RESB International Series took place at Peterborough over Easter with Harry Sayell starting the new year with two wins on a tricky damp circuit which caught out several fancied runners.

Andrew Bilby led the field away in race one with a hard charging Gordon Pooley taking up second and then the lead with Andy Collins following through pursued by Neil Clarke in his first outing with Ford power behind his Ray. The race came to an abrupt halt on lap six as Collins lost a wheel leaving him right on the racing line with Clarke hitting the stricken Arrow head on. The incident was augmented by Gary Granger's Dastle and Sayell's VW although these two escaped relatively unscathed. With the remains of Clarke's totalled car cleared the race was restarted with Bilby again the short lived leader before Pooley squeezed past, never to be headed to take victory. Eddy Ricketts brought another 'front' home in second with Junior Haynes in third. Lone lady racer Rosemary Staniford made history by scoring her first Championship points in 5th position.

The second heat was less eventful with Bilby holding on at the front for over a third of the race whilst Haynes led the chasing pack of Sayell, Dick Loseby, Ricketts, Pooley and Granger. Haynes took over at the front briefly before Sayell converted his second place into the lead and then victory with Haynes taking second and the remaining places remaining unchanged at the flag despite some frantic jostling for position over the closing laps.

Bilby repeated his early lead for the third time in the trophy race, before Ricketts took over. Sayell was again on a charge from the very back of the field and caught and passed Rickets before half distance. Ricketts then began his defence of second position and engaged in a battle with Haynes who nipped past with just four to go, only to be re-taken a lap later. Haynes however refused to give up and nabbed second place once again on the final tour just behind Sayell and a whisker ahead of Ricketts. Loseby took fourth, Steve Piggins fifth and Barry Phillips completing the top six.

Sayell took overall points honours by a solitary point from Haynes whilst Ricketts took front engine class victory (3rd overall) by just two points from Pooley.

Race one (15 laps): 1st 33 Gordon Pooley, 2nd 8 Eddy Ricketts, 3rd 19 Stuart Haynes, 4th 1 Harry Sayell, 5th 11 Steve Piggins, 6th 16 Andrew Bilby, 7th 12 Barry Philips, 8th 65 Rosemary Staniford

Race two (15 laps): 1st 1 Harry Sayell, 2nd 19 Stuart Haynes, 3rd 38 Dick Loseby, 4th 8 Eddy Ricketts, 5th 33 Gordon Pooley 6th 25 Gary Granger, 6th 16 Andrew Bilby, 7th 11 Steve Piggins, 8th 12 Barry Philips

Race three (Ace Communications Shield, 20 laps): 1st 1 Harry Sayell, 2nd 19 Stuart Haynes, 3rd 8 Eddy Ricketts, 4th 38 Dick Loseby, 5th 11 Steve Piggins, 6th 12 Barry Philips, 7th 2a Andy Collins, 8th 25 Gary Granger