2 July 1995 - Hednesford
Report by Richard Neil

Nic Grindrod became the youngest ever winner of the GP Midgets National Championship at Hednesford. The 20-year-old dominated the meeting with three hard earned race wins.

The championship race was led away by Gary Piper, his BMC holding station for five laps before Steve Piggins nipped through in his VW-powered Van Diemen. Piper briefly hold second and was chased by a three-car pack comprising Neil Clarke, John Salter and Grindrod. Nic's Swift picked off Salter and Clarke on the outside, then Piper on the inside to take second and set off in chase after Piggins. Salter moved up to third, with the two VWs of Stuart Haynes and Harry Sayell close behind. Grindrod took five laps to reel in Piggins and passed him with case around the outside. Salter and Haynes battled wheel to wheel tor third, before the latter made a last ditch effort to pass both Salter and Piggins, but Steve held on from Stuart and John for second, as Grindrod took the win and the title.

The other two heats also went to Grindrod, although Salter challenged him hard in the second race.