24th October 1993 - Northampton - Fun Day
By Anne Sayell from Short Circuit magazine Jan/Feb 1994

The last meeting of the season included two fun races after the all important two points races which decided the George Polley/Kent Cams Championship. More of that in a moment… The two fun races however saw many swap abouts and at least one journalist in the cars. John Weston loaned his car to journalist Richard Neil from London who thoroughly enjoyed the experience even though it ended in a collision in his second heat. Whilst lining up for practice John Weston put the plucky reporter's mind at rest with the choice phrase: "Oh and finally, if the throttle jams, hit this cut out switch…" Richard's friend and kart driver Adrian Houlihan thought he was along for the ride but but unknown to him Richard had lined him up with a drive in European Champion Harry Sayell's car.

Having seen Harry win the first race and come second in the final Adrian finished a creditable 8th and 5th despite having to start at the very back of the grid. Watching mechanics and pit crew try out the cars is a nerve wracking experience for the car owners but what they do enjoy is watching fellow drivers try out each others cars. John Calladine, having snatched the runner up trophy in the overall championship, was offered a drive in the Haynes VW and took to it in a way that even Basil Craske would have admired (and he is hard to impress). John finished 6th after spinning but put the car round as if it were on rails and wasn't even put off when he saw Stuart Haynes wrap his own car round the Armco!! Gary Piper enjoyed his drive in the Steve Piggins BMC and looks set to be joining the field in '94. John Salter tried out Eddy Ricketts Dastle and found its handling so impressive he was even more determined to resist Eddy's attempts to buy his engine.. "I'd never beat him if he got my engine in his car," said John.

Also making its' debut was Alf Oldfield's new Arrow derived 'mean m achine' which one young supporter described as the Batmobile. The car went well for its first outing and Alf is making those final adjustments ready for the first meeting on 3rd April 1994. Also setting his car up for the '94 season was Flymo Kev Stanford who has brought Dave Wesbroom's BMC out of mothballs. Sponsorship by Cousins and Sharp of Wisbech (Leyland and Daf dealers who also sponsor Julian Lynn's Superstox). Kev was happy with the engine built by Harry Sayell and found the only real problem was that the steering wheel rested on his legs, which was obviously bigger than Daves, making steering somewhat traumatic. However Kev enjoyed the outing immensely and is threatening to worry a few red grad drivers this season.

And so to the drivers championship - Harry Sayell reigned supreme finishing on 307 points, 119 ahead of John Calladine on 188 despite missing four meetings. Eddy Ricketts hung on to third whilst John Weston moved up a place to take fourth demoting Stuart Haynes who only just scraped in ahead of Dick Loseby who was one point behind on 167. Peter Hunt, whilst he won't know it yet, will be awarded with Best Sportsman at the Formula's presentation night for his perseverance and excellent attendance - travelling to all tracks regardless of distance despite just missing out of the points at almost every meeting. Peter representing what true Midget racing is all about - good fun and good competitive racing.