Sunday 11 July 1993, Warneton, World Championship
Report by Anne Sayell

July was an exciting month for the Midget Formula - it saw the World Championship at Warneton in Belgium on the 11th followed by the Midgets debut at Birmingham Wheels just a week later.

To the World Championship first -the annual exchanging of the crown continued with Klaus Kilianski retrieving the title from Harry Sayell as he did in 1991. In the race Toni Scheepens was flying and gave Klaus a close run for the flag whilst Sayell came in 3rd after Josef Kilianski who he was shadowing for the whole of the 32 laps, lost a wheel. But that was not the end of it; when the engines were stripped at the end of the day Toni Scheepens, to everyones amazement was found to be illegal, some 32cc over the limit at 1667cc. This disqualified him and promoted Harry to 2nd and the fellow Englishman Stuart Haynes to 3rd. Junior Haynes was running the 1600cc engine that took Harry to victory last year. The other engines checked out okay with Klaus running 1591cc, Harry's 1335cc and Stuart's 1615cc. But even that was not the end of it. Brits then came in 4th, 5th and 6th with John Weston, Neil Clarke and Gordon Pooley,all 1300cc engines, dominating the rest of the 15 car field.

The only disappointments in the event were John Salter who broke a UJ failing to finish his 7th race in a row and Steve Piggins whose engine expired in the closing stages.

The supporting races were similarly dominated by the Brits - Harry Sayell finishing the second heat in 2nd place but later promoted to 1st (after winner Scheepens was disqualified) and Kilianski eventually 2nd and Junior Haynes 3rd.

The final also belonged to Britain when Sonic Sayell won outright in a dash for the line with Scheepens and after adjustment the Kilianski brothers came in 2nd and 3rd with Haynes, Clarke and Salter (finishing a race at last) in 4th, 5th and 6th.