23rd August 1992 - Peterborough - World Championship, East of England, Gerald Smith Memorial

World Championship: 1st Harry Sayell, 2nd Klaus Kilianski, 3rd John Weston, 4th Marcus Retchless, 5th Tony Haynes, 6th David Hunt, 7th George Menke, 8th Alf Oldfield

Motoring News Report:

Harry Sayell of Clenchwarton became another British World Champion on Sunday August 23, romping home to victory with over half a lap lead on the second place man, to take the World Crown for the second time in his 12 year career. Harry gained his first ever pole position with a time of 16.64 seconds, with his long time German rivals Johannes Hupen second with 17.34 and Klaus Kilianski in third position with a time of 17.35. After two re-starts the race finally got underway with Saycll first into the corner, after which the rest looked easy. Cheered on by sponsors Leyland DAF and GDM Transport Engineering, he soon pulled out a convincing lead of over half a lap and was never challenged in the 40 lap race.

Kiliaski beat Hupen into the first corner and he too pulled away from the rest of the field, but the nearest he got to Sayell was a straightaway. With a comfortable cushion Harry was able to negotiate backmarkers with care and confidence, slicing his way through the 20 car field to have lapped all the way to third place before half distance. Hupen, running third, retired late in the race with another Brit. John Weston, finishing an excellent third. Marcus Retchless finished fourth.

East of England Championship: 1st Klaus Kilianski, 2nd Harry Sayell, 3rd Stuart Haynes

Short Circuit Report by Anne Sayell

August saw the Grand Prix Midget Club's most prestigious event of the year - the World Championship, brought back to Britain by Harry Sayell cheered on by his sponsors GDM Transport and Leyland DAF, the trophies being sponsored by Colin Riseborough Transport of Norfolk and the event staged at Alwalton Raceway.

The grid was decided by time trials which placed Sayell on pole. After two false starts, the second of which saw Clarke relegated after his flywheel shattered, the 20 car field was finally away and the 40 laps looked to be completed in record time in very good track conditions. Harry Sayell made it to the corner turn on all three starts but a concerted effort by Klaus Kilianski saw him by Hupen at the third attempt and so it was the two raced away to begin lapping into the back of the field after just three laps. With Mike Fowler, Gordon Pooley and Josef Kilianski colliding on lap 6 the placings were wide open.

With Hupen off, the running for third place fell to Dutchman Toni Scheepens but he also had to pull off with just two laps to go. Sayell had stretched and maintained over half a lap on Kilianski and the only two on the same lap were lapping so fast they were three laps up on Marcus Retchless who came home in third place. Sayell romped home having lapped the tail enders six times. John Weston finished 4th and a dizzy Stuart Haynes having spun three times was 5th.

The East of England Championship was won by Klaus Kilianski for the third year running but as the trophy is a British one, the actual title passed to first Brit and runner-up Sayell with Stuart Haynes wishing he'd stayed on the track in the first event, third.

The inaugural staging of the Gerald Smith Memorial went to Sayell too but only after Stuart Haynes and Klaus crashed two laps from the end.