21st July - Ringwood - Southern Championship
by Anne Sayell from Midget News

The Southern Championship at Ringwood was held on a very hot evening where sales of the Club's hats rocketed and the drivers gradually wilted. David Shreeve was an early casualty when his diff broke in practice and he was unable to fix it. Dermot McGivern was once again breaking the habit of a lifetime by racing an Arrow kindly loaned by John Weston who was busy giving his daughter away. Duncan Long was back in action after his crash at Wisbech and a holiday abroad had left him raring to go. Harry Sayell and Kevin Stanford were trying out Hoosier tyres for the first time after the two of them had been along to Brafield for a test day on July 10th.

The main event was led away by Gordon Pooley who was soon demoted by Duncan. But Harry Sayell made light work of the traffic and took up the lead on lap 9 to take the flag eleven laps later to become the new Southern Champion. Long held on for second with a fierce battle emerged between Kev Stanford and Peter Shreeve to decide third at one time seeing Stanford ride up the back of Shreeve only to come down again! At the flag it was Kev just ahead to take the third place trophy.

Races 2 and 3 were once again Harry Sayell's making this his second hat trick meeting of the season. The Shreeve/Stanford battle continued throughout the evening and whilst they were dicing for places, Long and McGivern were sneaking into the points. McGivem stormed home for second in the final losing the lead just 3 laps from the end.

Southern Championship: 1st Harry Sayell / 22 / 91 / Peter Shreeve / Dermot Mcgivern / 33

Race 2: Harry Sayell / Dermot McGivern / 22 / 91 / Peter Shreeve / 33 / 52

Race 3: Harry Sayell / Dermot McGivern / 22 / Peter Shreeve / 52 / 33 / 91

Motoring News reoprt

The Ringwood meeting gave Sayell his second hat-trick of the vear and the Southern Championship Championship to boot. Gordon Pooley led the Southern away but was demoted on lap three by David Long and Sayell was quick to take the lead on lap nine, pulling steadily away from the rest of the field. Long was established in second and attention turned to the battle between Stanford and P. Shreeve, Stanford moving into third five laps from the end of the 20. D. McGivern dominated the early parts of both supporting races, using Weston's Arrow before Sayell made light work of the traffic from the back of the grid to pass him on both occasions. Stanford finished behind McGivern and Long in race two whilst in race three he spun out, allowing Peter Shreeve to take that place.