1989 World Championship, 5th August, Posterholt

In between the two Championships (National and Southern) held in Britain was the World Championship at Posterholt in Holland, where Craske, using a 1600cc VW engine took the title for Britain.

Time trials on Saturday, August 5 saw Craske on the front row, alongside Dutchman Hanssen. Defending champion Klaus Kilianski was in fourth. The highest 1300cc British runner was John Weston in ninth.

Run over 45 laps the race started with a rolling start and Craske led briefly before it was stopped due to a fire in the car park. Hanssen led the restart from Craske with a battle for third between Germans Thissen and Kilianski and Dutchman Schraets. By lap three the leaders were lapping into the rest of the field at an alarming rate. The drama came at one third distance when Hanssen's driveshaft snapped and Craske spun as a result. Craske made an amazing recovery, however, using the infield to turn round and he rejoined the race still in the lead. Thissen emerged in second and was now close enough to give chase but after pressurising Craske for several laps he too retired with mechanical problems. This left Schraets in second with new Dutch driver Pedro Rietveld in third. Neither was close enough to do anything about Craske and Craske was able to reel in the title with relative ease. Top 1300cc driver was Sayell in seventh, with Weston eight, Wesbroom ninth and Stanford 10th, thus making four Brits in the top 10 placings, despite the 250cc disdvantage that all of them, bar Craske had.

1st Basil Craske, 2nd Jan Schraets, 3rd Pedro Rietveld, 4th Klaus Kilianski, 5th Hans-Gerd Janssen, 6th Chris Keltjens

The supporting races were equally satisfying for the British team with Craske taking second in both despite his rear grid position as the new World Champion. Sayell was fourth in the second race with Weston fifth, Wesbroom sixth and Stanford eighth. The final again saw Sayell an early leader, finishing fifth with Wesbroom eighth and Weston ninth.