26th September 1987 - Ringwood - British Championship
Report by Dave Cox from Motoring News

BASIL CRASKE won an action-packed British Championship at Ringwood on September 26. The race was red flagged when Marcus Retchless crashed heavily, escaping badly bruised but otherwise unhurt. The supporting races were won by a delighted Harry Smell, making an overdue return to the winners circle.

Sayell set the pace in the 30 lap British Championship until sidelined by batterfy failure when Paul Rodgers took up the running, pressed hard by Anthony Brewer. These two were joined by M. Retchless in a three way battle for the lead until Retchless tried the outside line on the pit bend, hit a dust patch, and went straight on. The race was stopped while hee was removed from his car. From the restart Rodgers led Brewer and Harry Lowe with the latter soon through into the lead. Craske rapidly disposed of Brewer and Rodgers to challenge H Lowe in a wheel to wheel battle, this dice continuing until Harry's steering column broke, fortunately pn the straight. His demise left Craske three quarters of a lap clear of the battling Rodgers, John Lowe and Brewer and despit strenuous efforts by these two , Rodgers held on in the aforementioned order. Nigel Brake was the only other finisher

Sayell borrowed a battery from the damaged Retchless car for race two and put it to good use in a flag to flag win, his first for three years. Rodgers and Brewer resumed battle for second place in the early stages until H. Lowe and Craske went by these two. slowly eroding Sayell's lead. At the flag. Sayell retained a safe margin with Lowe and Craske a length apart ahead of Rodgers. J. Lowe and David Wesbroom.

Race three and Sayell had all sheets to the wind as he built up a comfortable half lap lead by the chequered flag. Rodgers led the chase with H. Lowe and Craske pressing hard until Lowe spun - delaying Craske - as Brewer. Wesbroom and J. Lowe sped past. The latter overtook Wesbroom and closed on Brewer who was once again dicing with Rodgers. Brewer tried the inside and outside lines, was alongside Rodgers on several occasions and even got his nose in front once or twice -but at the flag was still second just ahead of Brewer and J Lowe. Craske snatched fifth from H. Lowe on the last lap.