12 July 1987, Kaldenkirchen, World Championship
Report by Dave Cox from Motoring News

Reigning European Champion, Jan Schraets, secured the Midget World Championship in West Germany on July 12 amid controversy. Klaus Kilianski was second on the road but was subsequently disqualified when it was discovered that he was using an 1800cc engine instead of the European regulation 1600cc. Willi Thissen was awarded second place with defending World Champion Basil Craske third.

The British qualifiers, Craske, Graham and Paul Sinclair, John Lowe, Harry Sayell and Nigel Brake were in for a surprise when they arrived at Kaldenkirchen. The promoters insisted that they fit additional silencers to their cars, a course of events which was to rob Craske, in particular, of some valuable horsepower.

After two qualifying heats to determine grid positions, Thissen and Kilianski shared the front row with Schraets and Craske on row two and Lowe and P.Sinclair on row three. Despite the handicap of running 1300cc engines on this power track, all six British drivers were in the top ten on the twenty one car grid.

The championship was run over 45 laps with a rolling start and Kilianski took the lead from the green flag with Thissen, Schraets and Craske in close formation chased by Lowe, P.Sinclair and Wilfred Hofer. P.Sinclair overtook Lowe who came under intense pressure from Hofer, Lowe fending Hofer off for several laps despite having to hold his car in gear. The pressure eventually told and Hofer dived through on the inside when Lowe slid wide. Meanwhile the battle for the lead was hotting up as Schraets passed Thissen and set about Kilianski, taking the lead on lap 23. Craske was climbing all over Thissen but with his horsepower well and truly muffled he could not find that little extra he needed to pass. Schraets took the chequered flag a clear winner with Kilianski, Thissen and Craske still disputing second. the final amended result was Schraets, Thissen, Craske, P.Sinclair, Hofer and Lowe.

A 30 lap consolation race was run in graded order and Craske decided to remove the extra silencer for this one. Thissen and Kilianski disputed the lead in the early stages with Sayell in third spot while Craske, P.Sinclair and Schraets made rapid progress from the red grade. Craske was soon through into second but Sinclair hit an oil patch and spun off while Schraets passed Sayell and Thissen to go third. Kilianski crossed the line a winner but with his subsequent disqualification, victory was awarded to Craske ahead of Schraets, Thissen, Sayell, P.Sinclair and G.Sinclair. It was interesting to note that Craske was not penalised for removing the silencer, perhaps he should have ditched it for the World Championship...