17th August 1986 - Peterborough - World Championship
Report by Dave Cox from Motoring News

BASIL CRASKE was in devastating form at the Veorolec Grand Prix Midget World Championship at Peterborough on August 17. Craske setting the fastest lap time of 17.38s to claim pole position and then dominated the 40 lap race to win his second World Title in front of Anglia and Screensport TV cameras.

Harry Lowe shared the front row with Craske while Jan Schraets and Klaus Killianski occupied row two. After two warn up laps Craske took an immediate lead with Lowe, Sch¬raets and Graham Sinclair slotting in behind. Mick Bonner was up to fifth at the end of lap one from 17th on the grid. Craske, Lowe and Schraets were nose to tail with a small gap to G. Sinclair, Bonner and Killianski. Bonner passed Sinclair and closed in on the leading trio as Killianski spun off and Paul Sinclair passed brother Graham.

The leading quartet of Craske, Lowe, Schraets and Bonner were already lapping the mid-field men as the race approached one third distance when the course of the race changed dramatically. Bonner pulled off and when Schraets attempted to pass Lowe the cars touched spinning both of them out and leaving Craske well clear of Paul and Graham Sinclair. One lap later Schraets knocked the front suspension off the unfortunate Graham Sinclair's car as Schraets rejoined the race, while Lowe also restarted.

At the halfway point Craske led P. Sinclair, David Wesbroom, Anthony Brewer, Brian Forrest and the recovered Lowe, one lap down. As the race drew to a close interest centred on Lowe's climb back up the leader board to second spot behind the victorious Craske who lapped the entire field by the finish. Wesbroom reeled in Paul Sinclair to go third with Brewer fifth and Forest sixth.

Brian Forest and Harry Lowe won the supporting races while Klaus Killianski won the match race between the Midgets and the two litre, race tyres Superstox.

World Championship: 1st Basil Craske, 2nd Harold Lowe, 3rd Dave Wesbroom, 4th Paul Sinclair, 5th Anthony Brewer, 6th Brian Forrest