1985 World Championship, Kaldenkirchen
"Shock World Final" - from Short Circuit magazine

Following an amazing, series of events, the 1985 Grand Prix Midgets World Championship went ahead over Easter at Kaldenkirchen, West Germany regardless of the fact there were no Enalish drivers in atendence! What's more, that list included the defending champion Alf Boarer who won the coveted title last August at Northampton. The extraordinary saga began a little over a month ago when rumours reached Short Circuit that the Championship had been fixed for Easter following a full meeting of the NHRPA which had brought together its European members.

At that time we were busy compiling our own national diary (see last month's issue) and as far as we were concerned following our discussion with Grand Prix Midget Fixtures Secretary, Steve Dawkins, the date had still to be arranged. So naturally when we heard whispers as to its staging over Easter we contacted Steve to find out if he was aware of this. Quite simply he wasn't, and pointed out to us the Midgets had a fixture at Northampton on Bank Holiday Monday!

World champion Boarer takes up the story: "I then got on the phone to Holland to find out what this was all about. I was told very definitely the race was on April 8th. Our club told the Europeans that there was no way the English could go at such short notice because a) we had had only one meeting behind us, and the likes of leading men Malcolm Goodman, Basil Craske and Mick Bonner didn't even have their new cars ready; b) we wouldn't be able to sort the travel documents out in time; and c) we had already had a commitment at Northampton"

The matter was next passed to Geoff Hughes, Chairman of the Midget Club who contacted Barrie van den Oetalaar reiterating Boarer's comments about the lack of time.

It now transpires that the Continental drivers were less than happy about competing in such a prestigious event without the presence of the English. However, the promoters were adamant the race went ahead and it was a 14-car field which contested the championship won by a despondent Hank Hanssen.

Boarer told Short Circuit that as late as Good Friday negotiations were still going on, resulting in a phone call to say the race date had been changed from Monday to Sunday so the English could race at Northampton and in Germany!

It was a ridiculous suggestion and John Clark would have been most unhappy had I missed Northampton to travel to Germany. So much so that he was all set to ban me from his track if I went! He also told me that he will not recognise the European version of the World Championship."

Boarer is understandably miffed at such a dramatic 'hiccup' in the proceedings, especially since he has only held the title for two "racing months" bearing in mind the Midgets have a rigid season from April to October. It is an unfortunate incident and one which we hope is resolved quickly in order for the Grand Prix Midgets to carry on their impressive revival.