Monday 6th May 1985 , Arlington, Southern Championship

Race one: 1st 40 Dave Wesbroom, 2nd 24 Mick Bonner, 3rd 21 Basil Craske, 4th 69 Alf Boarer, 5th 13 Ray Coulson, 6th 66 Paul Sinclair, 7th 42 Paul Rogers, 8th 73 Alan Coltman

Southern Championship: 1st 21 Basil Craske, 2nd 40 Dave Wesbroom, 3rd 73 Alan Coltman, 4th 69 Alf Boarer, 5th 42 Paul Rogers, 6th 34 Nigel Brake, 7th 7 Dave Scott, 8th 66 Paul Sinclair

Thanks to Alan Coltman who found us on the web and told is a bit more about this race... "On the restarted race with several cars out due to damage I led the race again from the start and only lost out to the No1 spot due to a slight error on the last corner of the race and came in a very close 2nd."

Another race was also started but red flagged after Ray Coulson crashed. The race was led at the time by Alan Coltman but was declared null and void.

Report from Motoring News, By Linda Keen

Basil Craske took the Grand Prix Midget Southern Championship at the Arlington Raceway on Bank Holiday Monday, the whole meeting for the little cars being a real race of attrition. Defending champion Mick Bonner was unable to start the final following a major pile up in the second heat which wiped out more than half the field.

Fourteen cars started the afternoon's racing, Dave Wesbroom quickly demoting Tom Bourne for the lead. Duncan Reed and Nigel Brake resolved a slight disagreement with the latter balancing on top of Reed in the fence. Bonner was making the best progress of the star men and once in second place began to reel in Wesbroom steadily until the very last lap when these two, together with Craske , were lapping together. Wesbroom did well to hold on for the win from Bonner, Craske, Alf Boarer, Ray Coulson and Paul Sinclair.

Only 10 cars made the second heat which turned into a non-event after only three laps. Coulson lost control on the back straight and a closely following Bonner touched the throttle instead of the brakes, running straight into the back of him. From then on it was mayhem, Boarer, Sinclair and Craske also piling into the fray and the race being halted instantly and declared void, whilst being led by newcomer Alan Coltman.

The final was further reduced by two, Bonner failing to make the grid for the Southern he should have been defending. Coltman soared into the lead followed by Paul Rogers, Brake, Wesbroom, Dave Scott, Sinclair, Craske and Boarer. With the race reduced to just 10 laps, the red graders really had their work cut out to catch Coltman who was looking highly impressive. Craske was moving well, into third, then second but on the last lap it looked as though Coltman had his first major win in the bag . But inexperience told and the novice made a tiny mistake which Craske eagerly jumped at, sailing through on the last corner to Southern Championship victory. Wesbroom took second place ahead of the recovered Coltman, Boarer, Rogers, Brake, Scott and Sinclair.