7th May 1984, Eastbourne, Southern Championship
Report from Motoring News by Graham Brown

The Grand Prix Midgets made a welcome return to Arlington Raceway as part of the five formula "Blockbuster" meeting on May Day Monday. The spectactularly fast Gary Pollard cleaned up both the heats, with only the impressive Scott Roth (in only his second meeting) second in the first one, and Mick Bonner runner-up in the other. Alf Boarer, despite suffering a slight handling deficiency, was third in both.

Pollard's run ended during the interval when Barry Lee borrowed his car for a match race with Bonner. Lee set off quickly and looked quite at home in his unusual "office" until the inlet manifold broke and the car went sick, Bonner eventually taking an easy win.

With Pollard out of contention for the final, Bonner collected that and with it the Sourthern Championship, ahead of Boarer and Malcolm Goodman, who took his odd looking car to its first decent placing of the day.

1st 23 Gary Pollard, 2nd 100 Scott Roth, 3rd 69 Alf Boarer, 4th 24 Mick Bonner, 5th 40 Dave Wesbroom, 6th 44 Anthony Brewer, 7th 48 Rod McLaughlan, 8th 96 Dermott McGivern

1st 23 Gary Pollard, 2nd 24 Mick Bonner, 3rd 69 Alf Boarer, 4th 100 Scott Roth, 5th 18 Roland Parker, 6th 96 Dermott McGivern, 7th 28 Malcolm Goodman Southern Championship:

Southern Championship: 1st 24 Mick Bonner, 2nd 69 Alf Boarer, 3rd 28 Malcolm Goodman, 4th 100 Scott Roth, 5th 96 Dermott McGivern, 6th 13 Ray Coulson, 7th 48 Rod McLaughlan

Report from June 84 Short Circuit

The Midgets put in their first appearance for many years at Arlington, and despite a depleted field after a hectic session at Northampton the day before, pleased a lot of old fans, and made some new ones judging by response. Gary Pollard was looking unbeatable in his VW powered missile, but during a `match race' with Barry Lee at the helm, it broke, and it was veteran Midget ace Mick Bonner who carried on where he left off at Arlington more or less, who won in fine style from Alf Boarer and Malcolm Goodman in the unusual in-line mid engined Ford car. Brian Forrest was the only man to suffer a major shunt on the fast but for Midgets, bumpy, oval, clouting the fence by the bar grandstand early in the meeting.


Basil Craske & Anthony Brewer

Rod McLaughlan leads Brian Forrest