10 June 1984, Northampton
Report from Motoring News, by John Hyam

GARY POLLARD missed his defence of the "Bill Boarer Memorial Trophy" at Northampton because of a damaged car. But he went along to the meeting and handed the trophy over to this season's winner, Bill's son Alf. It was the second time that Alf has won the event. He was winner in its 1980 inaugural season. Alf was in dynamic form and he made a clean sweep of the winning places — in a meeting which had been switched froth Bovingdon because of problems with the Hertfordshire track. Boarer battled through from a rear grid position to win all three races.

The first race, for the Boarer Trophy, saw him lead home Brian Forrest, Malcolm Goodman and Mick Fowler. Early leader Jerry Pinney went out of contention when he hit the fence and damaged the rear of his car, and Ray Coulson hit detergent sprayed on an oil patch, spinning out of the race.

Rod McLaughlin led the second race until five laps from home when he was overtaken by Boarer. There was more bad luck for McLaughlin, when his engine failed on the last bend, although he had enough momentum to take third place from Forrest and Coulson.

In the final race, the third round of the "Angel Hotel, Northampton" Championship, Boarer won a close race from Forrest, after "boxing" him among slower cars four laps from the finish. Goodman an early leader —and Dave Cox finished third and fourth.

• A doubt hangs over the Antwerp track in Belgium staging this season's European Championship. Work is still taking place on the circuit and indications are the meeting could switch to Ploegerstraat.

Bill Boarer Memorial: 1st 69 Alf Boarer, 2nd 9 Brian Forrest, 3rd 28 Malcolm Goodman, 4th 17 Mike Fowler, 5th 37 Mick Eason, 6th 66 Paul Sinclair, 7th 2 Alan Riley, 8th 13 Ray Coulson, 9th 1 Harry Sayell, 10th 35 Tom Bourne

Race two: 1st 69 Alf Boarer, 2nd 9 Brian Forrest, 3rd 48 Rod McLaughlan, 4th 13 Ray Coulson, 5th 31 Dave Cox, 6th 2 Alan Riley, 7th 66 Paul Sinclair, 8th 17 Mike Fowler, 9th 37 Mick Eason, 10th 1 Harry Sayell

Race three: 1st 69 Alf Boarer, 2nd 9 Brian Forrest, 3rd 28 Malcolm Goodman, 4th 31 Dave Cox, 5th 17 Mike Fowler, 6th 48 Rod McLaughlan, 7th 66 Paul Sinclair, 8th 37 Mick Eason, 9th 1 Harry Sayell, 10th 35 Tom Bourne