29th July 1984 - Ruisbroek, Antwerp - European Championship
Report from Motoring News by John Hyam

ENGLISH drivers filled the minor places in the European Midget Car Championship on a new quarter-mile oval at Ruisbroek. near Antwerp in Belgium. The meeting also saw the continued domination by continental drivers of the event, Dutchman Jan Schraets winning his first major honour in the sport.

Schraets set the fastest time in trial runs and won the coveted pole position. alongside England's Mick Bonner. There was drama at the start when Schraets and Mick Bonner collided. but both managed to hold their line and keep the race going. Bonner was an early leader from Schraets and Alf Boarer, but the Dutchman powered through on the inside to forge ahead followed by Basil Craske. And in the ensuing tactical racing, Boarer also nipped neatly past Bonner. Boarer's bid for a main place was challenged by Wilfred Hofer. but the West German went out of contention when his engine packed up. Bonner also went out mid-way through the race with electrical trouble. Another retirement was Geoff Hughes who had suspension problems, and many of the lesser drivers also went out in a carnage of crashed cars as the leaders set a gruelling pace for honours. In the closing laps Schraets and Craske were half a lap ahead. the Dutchman just pipping Craske for the title by half a car's length. Schraets' grip on the inside line was a decisive factor in his clinching the title. At the finish. Boarer had narrowed the leaders' advantage to a quarter lap and narrowly kept van Rengs out of third place at the flag. Meantime some spectacular driving by Dermott 'Wildman' McGivern saw him take a deserved fifth place for England.

1st Jan Schraets, 2nd Basil Craske, 3rd Alf Boarer, 4th Jan van Rengs, 5th Dermott McGivern

Craske, making a return to racing, also won the main support event from Klaus Kilianski (West Germany), Boarer and Hughes.

At Yarmouth (22nd July). Alan Riley won his first major honour when he took the East Coast Challenge from Roland Parker and Duncan Reed.

This Sunday. the action goes to Norfolk on the controversial Swaffham circuit. Locally based Harry Sayell is expected to provide the biggest challenge to the visiting stars.