4 August 1984, Northampton, World Championship
For Alf - the World! From Motoring News, by Linda Keen

ALF BOARER brought the World Grand Prix Midget Championship back to England on August 4, when he took the laurels in the Acorn Computer sponsored race at Northampton Stadium. The 40 lap event was just one of several major events held at Brafield in the circuit's annual Speedweekend, televised by LWT's World of Sport, and was the first major title won by the current National points leader. Second place went to past champion Mick Bonner, who oh so nearly took the crown but slid out wide on a patch of oil on the last corner, the pair however successfully dominating the race for England ahead of the German defending Champion Wilfred Hofer and Dutchmen Jan Schraets and Jan van Rengs.

Originally, the Grand Prix Midgets were due to have lap time trials to establish their grid positions, but with the dismal weather conditions the idea was abandoned. Instead the cars were started in graded order, the star graders having their grid positions drawn from a hat. Even before the rolling lap got under way, John Seamark's car was pushed onto the infield with electrical problems but following the two warm up laps, Alan Riley moved into a storming lead from Duncan Reed, Tommy Bourne and Paul Rogers.

At the back there was a whole gaggle of the little machines jostling for position, as Dermott McGivern broke through into third place. Riley now had a quarter lap advantage over Reed and McGivern, but already Hofer had taken fourth place and was looking to go higher. With Riley still out front, the order behind stood as Hofer, Reed, Bonner, McGivern and Basil Craske. Hofer was reeling in the leader and it looked as if he would soon he ahead but with a superhuman burst from Bonner, Mick had taken everyone by surprise and hit the front by lap 14.

Bonner proceeded to extend his lead with each lap, but from the very last position on the grid, Boarer was driving the race of his life, picking off cars with every lap, until he too had passed Hofer. By halfway, it was Bonner, Craske and Boarer but with some distance between the three.

Boarer came up to join Craske and just as a good dice was in store between the two, Craske spun off with Jerry Pinny and Alf was left to chase Bonner. Half a lap separated the two and with five laps to go, Boarer really had his work cut out, the pair lapping the rest of the field with ease, including the continental drivers Hofer, Schraets and van Rengs who occupied the next placings. The drying but slightly oily surface then saw early leader Riley spin on the far turn whilst into the final tour, Boarer was right behind Bonner and it was all set for a grandstand finish. Then on the final bend, Bonner drifted wide and Boarer took to the inside on his way to the chequered flag and a popular win. Bonner recovered for a good second place ahead of Hofer and the two Dutchmen. The final positions went to Englishmen Rod McLaughlan, Brian Forrest. Harry Sayell, McGivern and Malcolm Goodman.

Saturday evening's entertainment continued with two more Midget races, the first of which saw Schraets show the Brits the way home.Roland Parker was second from Goodman, Riley and Anthony Brewer. In the second heat Craske came home for the win from Boarer, Pinny, van Rengs, Bonner and Forrest.

The most important Midget race was on Sunday, for the Inter-Nations Cup, last year won by Boarer. Sayell smoked his way into an early lead but was soon demoted by McLaughlan until van Rengs took them both. Once ahead van Rengs simply pulled away but he didn't bargain for Bonner who was gradually creeping up on the Dutchman taking second ahead of Hofer, Schraets and Craske. With four laps to go Bonner was closing right up and then Hofer spun it away on the infield, van Rengs

holding off Bonner to take a well earned chequered flag from Bonner, Schraets, Craske, Goodman, Forest and Parker.

The first heat on Sunday was led away by Riley and Reed, McGivern also moving into the placings ahead of Schraets and Boarer. Ultimately Holland had the edge over England, taking the laurels from Boarer, McGivern, Riley, Forrest and Hofer.

McGivern made short work of demoting Riley from the lead in the last Midget heat, but soon had to contend with the fast-moving Craske who took up the running, and the flag from Bonner, van Rengs, McGivern, Pinny and Goodman.

The Grand Final featured 21 Midgets and again Riley led. Before long Schraets was out, having broken his steering on the rumble strips, Goodman then spinning on the same straight. Bonner made another storming drive to take the lead from McGivern, Riley and Boarer, Mick being well clear by the time the chequered flag was out. Second place went to "Wildman" McGivern from Boarer, Forrest, van Rengs, Riley and Parker.


Alf Boarer, Wilfred Hofer & Mick Bonner