Points & driver listing
Season review (Short Circuit)
Motoring News feature 15th August
Short Circuit October 1984 (Brian Forrest)

8th April Bovingdon Fretten Shield
23rd April Northampton  
6th May Northampton  
7th May Eastbourne Southern Championship
13th May Peterborough Davro Welding Trophy
28th May Arena  
10th June Northampton Bill Boarer Trophy
17th June Swaffham Derek Kisby Trophy
22nd July Yarmouth East Coast Challenge Cup*
29th July Ruisbroek European Championship
4th August Northampton World Championship
22nd Augsut Arlington Pride of the South**
27th August Northampton British Championship
9th September Newtongrange Scottish Championship
15th September Ipswich East Anglian Championship
16th September Peterborough East of England Championship
30th September Arena Graham Hill Trophy
7th October Northampton National Championship
18th October Aldershot Rod Tanswell Cup
28th October Wimbledon London Championship

*won by Alan Riley ** won by Anthony Brewer