Sunday 7 June 1981, Peterborough, East of England Championship

Peterborough's Alwalton Raceway was the venue, with early morning work putting right problems from the previous night at Kings Lynn. Dan Hornby led for two laps until Mick Bonner came through, with Basil Craske hot on his tail. Basil closed up, then did a full 360' spin on lap 10, and Gary Pollard came through, claiming the led on lap 14, Bonner retiring three laps on. Craske drove well, but just could not regain the lost ground.

(Hammersmith and Shepherd’s Bush Gazette 18 June 1981) Grand Prix Midget Car racer Garry Pollard ended world champion Basil Craske’s three-year domination of the East of England Championships at the weekend. Pollard, 30, of East Acton Acton, beat Craske by winning five of his six races on the 20 lap tracks at Kings Lynn and Peterborough. And, after collecting the trophy, Pollard promised: “Now I am aiming for the world championship title.“

Pollard took the East of England Championship in a car that he built himself at a cost of £3,000. It is similar to a scaled-down Formula One car and can reach speeds of up to 90 mph in second gear. Pollard’s car which can go from stationary to 60 mph in three and a half seconds is a rear engine cooper S, and he said: “It is capable of a lot more than 90 mph but I built it for acceleration. As we race 20 laps of about 600 yards it is the acceleration that is important.“

He added: “It is the third car I have built and I am delighted to have won the East of England event. “It is the first major championship that I have one and now I want to go on and do well in the world Championships. Last year I finished eighth and I aim to improve on that.” Before then, Pollard, who pays for the cars out of his own pocket, hopes to win the British championship, which is run on a league basis. He is in second place at the moment.

East of England Championship: 1st Gary Pollard, 2nd Geoff Hughes Jnr, 3rd Brian Forrest.