26th July 1981 - Boston - National Championship

After a late change of venue from Brafield to Boston (apologies to any fans who turned up al Brafield - but sure they had a good day anyway) the National Championship was competed for in the first race over 20 laps. Jerry Pinny not having raced on shale before was determined to have a go, being a white top (not for much longer) he went straight into the lead and held onto it for 7 laps until overenthusiasm took him into a very nice spin - nicely controlled but losing him 4 places. Malcolm Goodman a great 'shale-driver' was waiting his chance and took the lead despite great pressure from Mick Bonner. Geoff Hughes Jnr retired early with mechanical faults and Den Hornby had misfortunes in the 15th lap. Unfortunately Mike Clements who was in fourth position stopped as soon as the chequered flag went down and didn't wait for the red flag.

National Championship: 1st Malcolm Goodman, 2nd MickBonner, 3rd Harry Lowe, 4th Jerry Pinny

Report from Midget News Aug/Sept 1981

A sudden change of venue might have been the reason for only eleven drivers turning up for the National Championships at Boston but they say quality is better than quantity and what a good evening was had by all, four races, tea in the pits and a very good buffet to finish off the evening (thank you Cyril).

The first race was over 20 laps, Jerry Pinny was quickly in the lead but very soon found Malcolm Goodman 'Master of the Shale' close behind. Pete Smith found problems in lap 4 and retired - disappointing as it looked as if he had found his original form. Dan Horny kept the crowds interested with his own style coming down the straights, after spinning off - rejoined but failed to finish. Jerry found it lightly different racing on shale and spun it on lap 7 losing a few places to come back in 5th. Meanwhile Malcolm Goodman taking the lead found Mick Bonner closing up on him and Harold Lowe in 3rd place. Mick Clements in fourth place slowed up after the flag went out and lost his position.

Race two was rather a repetition of race one but with Dan Hornby holding the track better and not spinning off and Mick Clements racing until the red flag was done.

1st Malcolm Goodman, 2nd Mick Bonner, 3rd Harold Lowe, 4th Dan Hornby

Race three: Jerry Pinny, getting used to the shale, held onto the lead for nine laps before Malcolm Goodman took the lead once again. Mick Bonner getting a bit bored with second placings tried hard on the last lap and ended up with a three wheeled car.

1st Malcolm Goodman, 2nd Harold Lowe, 3rd Jerry Pinny, 4th Dan Hornby

4th Race: After hard work in the pits Mick Bonner was all set for the final. On lap six he was second and took the lead on lap seven pressed as he was by Malcolm Goodman he held on to win.

1st Mick Bonner, 2nd Malcolm Goodman, 3rd Jerry Pinny, 4th Harold Lowe