Northampton, 1979 National Championship:

Report and Results by Francis Blay from Short Circuit Magazine, July 1979

Northampton was the setting for this year's National Championship and it bought the biggest field of cars so far this year. The National Championship race has Gary Pollard in his newly acquired Arrow setting the pace, but a now blue grade Brian Harding was soon at the head of the field. Gary Pollard spun at half distance and it was the hard fighting duo of Mick Bonner and Basil Craske who were soon closing in Harding. The three of them circulated nose to tail for the next ten laps with Bonner taking the lead after 15 laps, but Craske was through 2 laps later. Once he hit the front there was no stopping him and he won quite comfortably from Bonner and Harding.

The second heat had a dramatic start when Greg Pugsley lost it on the back straight and Dave Scott and Dave Wesbroom went piling in forcing the red flags out. Gary Pollard was again the leader after the re-start but spun again letting Bonner through. Craske was again coming through the pack very quickly, but had a rough time with Ian Fraser-Kerr - they both touched and spun out. Craske recovered well but there was no way he was going to catch Bonner and he ended up a quarter of a lap behind in second position with Geoff Hughes third.

The third race gave Craske an easy win, especially after Bonner retired early on. Pollard finally got it all together to take second with Joe Therstappen third. Hughes was fifth with Wesbroom sixth.