Monday 7th May 1979, Bovingdon

Report and Results from Short Circuit Magazine, June 1979

Basil Craske and Mick Bonner again dominated the racing, at Bovingdon with Basil coming out on top every time. In the final though they had a great dice with both of them colliding entering the home straight on the penultimate lap. Basil Craske still had enough time to get going again and take a win from the impressive Robin Whall.

Race l: 1st Basil Craske, 2nd Mick Bonner, 3rd Chris Butler, 4th Dave Wesbroom, 5th Robin Whall, 6th Dave Scott

Race 2: 1st Basil Craske, 2nds Mick Bonner, 3rd Robin Whall, 4th Dave Scott, 5th Chris Butler, 6th Brian Harding

Race 3: 1st Basil Craske, 2nd Robin Whall, 3rd Dave Wesbroom, 4th Chris Butler, 5th Brian Harding, 6th Dave Scott