Lydden Hill meeting
Report and Results from Short Circuit Magazine, May 1979

Only thirteen drivers managed the trip to Lydden Hill with a few new faces amongst them. Ray Hooper was making a return to Midget racing after a two year lay off, Greg Pugsley who was running a special oversize engine and an ex-Superstox driver Ian Fraser-Kerr. Harold Lowe's car gained 8th place in the first race but failed to appear for the second due to a misfire. A few modifications are to be carried out to the rear end before it appears again as it is bottoming, badly. Mick Bonner was missing from the line up as the car still hasn't been repaired from the extensive damage it sustained at the last meeting of 1978 at Alwalton.

The Midgets had two races in the programme with wins by Basil Craske and German visitor Willi Thissen who found his car's extra cc's a distinct advantage on the big oval. New cars from Harold Lowe, Brian Forrest (is it really a new Dastle - where did he find it?), Dave Wesbroom and Dave Scott. Watching, but not racing were Alfie Boarer, Stevie Elliott and former Grasstrack man Paul Graves (who's put on weight and may not be able to get into a Midget if he waits much longer we hear!) Talking of Grasstrack, Brian Harding tried his Arrow Midget in the first SEGTO Championship round of the year at Funtington and found the going a bit bumpy - he did win a race though, after getting stuck in a muddy hole in his first outing. Finally a message to the drivers who were racing at Lydden Hill, a starter motor was found lying on the circuit, so if anyone is having problems starting...

Heat 1: 1st Basil Craske, 2nd Willi Thissen, 3rd Dave Wesbroom, 4th Brian Forrest, 5th Alan Fretten, 6th Brian Spicer.

Heat 2: 1st Willi Thissen, 2nd Basil Craske, 3rd Dave Wesbroom, 4th Brian Forrest, 5th Allan Fretten, 6th Chris Butler.