Sunday 22nd July 1979, Northampton, British Championship

Alan and Eric Fretten filled the front row for the 1979 British Championship at Northampton but it was Harold Lowe who jumped from row two and held the lead for 3 laps before Geoff Hughes went by. Mick Bonner soon caught up and he and Hughes had a tremendous side by side scrap for ten laps until Mick edged by. He was soon in trouble with back markers though and got caught in a melee that sent him 2-wheelin towards the fence - going in very hard. Hughes also got caught up and Chris Butler took the lead, having no trouble in winning by a clear half lap. A notable non starter was Basil Craske who blew his engine in practice.

British Championship: 1st Chris Butler, 2nd John Lowe, 3rd Dave Wesbroom, 4th Gary Pollard, 5th Robin Whall, 6th Brian Harding.