Sunday 25th June, Funtington, Southern Championship
Report by June Cochrane from Short Circuit, August 1978

Steve Elliott was the first casualty of the day with a shunt on the fourth lap of the first lap leaving him with broken front suspension. Brian Forrest, Wayne Doidge, Basil Craske and Brian Harding were battling it out meanwhile and Brian came through to take the chequered while Alan Fretten ploughed into the back of Steve Elliott's car and took the rear suspension off too.

Race two for the Southern Championship trophy saw Dave Wesbroom, John Lowe and Wayne Doidge off to a flying start. Pete Waters broke through, with Bsail Craske and Brian Harding chasing hard, Basil spun Wayne and Peter out - and won the Championship. Brian Harding was second, Dave Wesbroom third.

Southern Championship: 1st Basil Craske, 2nd Brian Harding, 3rd Dave Wesbroom

The final race saw Basil Craske out with a broken driveshaft, and Pete Waters looked to have the race sewn up, but superb racing, by Brian Harding saw him take his second win, followed by Pete and Brian Forrest.