Letter from Roland Parker, Wheelspin, August 1977

Your comments about Formula One cars failing out of favour, to quote: 'I guess they will follow the Grand Prix Midgets into retirement' - wherever did you get that idea about the Midgets? You Sir, are suffering from a very small field of view. You see, outside the Spedeworth scene, there is a great big world consisting of North, East, West, oh yes and the South as well, which the Grand Prix Midgets have been covering; in fact 1 should say the Midgets came out of retirement when they formed their own Club and got the proper publicity, which you never did give them. To keep you up to date, six of their top drivers will be racing in Germany on May 30th for the European Championship, and for further information 1 suggest Mr Southdowner, you spend 18p on the Short Circuit mag for full coverage of the Grand Prix Midgets' recent progress. By the way, they have the most dedicated drivers, they will travel, not like all other formulas, except the Hot Rods. Put the records straight, the Midgets are still the fastest formula on the Oval circuit. We will have a match race against the Hot Rods any time. We have beaten them before, so that record still stands.

Excerpt from 'Scene in the South', Wheelspin, October 1977
Are they still Grand Prix?

Was taken to task in last month's Wheelspin by GP Midget driver Roland Parker over some remarks 1 made about Formula One cars going the way of GP Midgets and accused me of being out of touch with the Midgets through not taking Short Circuit. 1 have read back through my copies of Short Circuit (you must not jump to hasty conclusions Roland) and also looked through dozens of back issues of Spedeworth programmes and while 1 can find the half to one page report in SC blow me if 1 can find any meetings including GP Midgets in Spedeweeks. Wheelspin is for Spedeworth fans most of whom have no interest in any of the other organisations no matter how good they may be, and many are excellent, and for Spedeworth meetings GP Midgets have gone into retirement. 1 enjoyed GP Midget racing when it was with Spedeworth and was one of the few who regretted its retirement from this group. My stop watch has many times confirmed M 1 8's claim that they are faster than Hot Rods though with the greater improvements in Hot Rod technique this could now be challenged and his suggestion of a match race between the top drivers of both sides would make a good match and bring GP Midgets onto Spedeworth circuits once again. And just a thought - Roland Parker, you are a canny lad. A letter and a reply in two issues of the widely read Wheelspin must have given GP Midgets a lot of publicity and maybe introduced the formula to many folk who have never even heard of it. Meanwhile I shall look forward to seeing his name in lights as I read my copies of Short Circuit

Excerpt from letter by Jim Gregory (later the Spedeworth commentator), Wheelspin, November 1977

Are you running Spedeworth for the benefit of the drivers, or for the spectators? When you killed off Midget racing (far too late in our opinion) it was obvious that they were killed off because the public didn't like them, although the drivers obviously did, and still do.