Sunday 11 September 1977, Posterholt, World Championship

(by June Cochrane from Short Circuit, October 1977) The top seven English Midget drivers and reserves set out to Posterholt not fully recovered from the hectic holiday weekend!

Arriving on Saturday, they were in for practice immediately, the European contingent already there. Practice was more like a gladiatorial contest with lots of pre race dicing going on. Surprisingly all cars survived for the big race. On Sunday the 1,300cc English cars against Europe's 1,600 formula.

Pole position, accompanied by crossed fingers and toes, went to John Graham. All other English drivers drew well down, Mick Bonner last out. John Graham got a flying start, with smoke pouring from the car, but holding on to the lead for 10 laps of the 40. Derek Johnson, in the German team, was coming up fast, also Jan van Rengs, the Dutchman. Pete Waters retired but Alf Boarer, Fred Harding, Dave Wesbroom, Basil Craske, Mal Goodman and Bonner were all making progress. Wesbroom's engine blew, Goodman's new car had all sorts of problems and broke a drive shaft, and English hopes fell. Mick Bonner then started to pull through, overtook van Rengs and Johnson to take the lead. With 15 laps to go, patriotic fervour was high. Mick started to overtake the back markers, Johnson tangled with one. John Graham was still going (and smoking!). And what a drive by Bonner. Yes folks, he made it! Mick Bonner drove a superb race to take the first ever English World Championship title, his Cooper 'S' powered Scorpion taking the chequered flag.

Good man, Mick. We're really doing well this year on the continent.