Sunday 8 May 1977, Swaffham

(Report by Judy Goodman from Short Circuit June 1977) Our first meeting at Swaffham this year proved to be very exciting. With 22 cars in the first race, the early lead was taken by Wayne Doidge followed by Dave Haywood and Allan Fretten. Meanwhile, Dave Wesbroom and Keith Fransella were moving up quickly. After a pile up on the far bend Fransella took the lead, but silver top Malcolm Goodman, taking a chance on the outside, pulled up to second place from the back. John Graham, Alf Boarer and Brian Harding were right behind him. On lap 14 Goodman took the lead and went on to win closely followed by Fransella and Boarer.

With the star men out to prove themselves, Keith Fransella once again took the lead with blue top John Graham right behind. However Craske once again made a good start and was coming up fast along with Fred Harding, Goodman and Bonner. Unfortunately, Goodman and Bonner touched wheels and Bonner spun out . Bonner, now a lap behind, recovered and gradually picked off the rest of the field until once again he was up with the leaders. Meanwhile Craske had taken the lead and went on to tale the chequered flag followed by Goodman and Bonner. Only 6 finished with Fred Harding, John Lowe and Roland Parker taking the minor places.