Sunday 5 June 1977, Newton Abbot, British Championship

The meeting was promoted by Autospeed with the Midgets billed as 'Speedcars'. This will undoubtedly cause much confusion over the years because Speedcars was the name given to Hednesford's Super Rod formula which was launched at about the same time. Alf Boarer lost a finger at this meeting.

Keith Fransella won the opening 15 lap race in a time of 3 minutes 19.3 seconds - quicker than both the existing F2 Stox and Hot Rod records held by Colin Higman (3m5 Is) and Spence Morgan (4m10.7s) respectively.

Race one: lst Keith Fransella, 2nd Wayne Doidge, 3rd Dave Rowe, 4th Terry Teden, 5th Basil Craske, 6th John Graham.

British Championship: 1st Malcolm Goodman (5m09.5s), 2nd Basil Craske, 3rd John Graham, 4th Fred Harding, 5th John Lowe, 6th Dave Rowe, 7th Brian Forrest, 8th Dennis Hooper.

Handicap: 1st Malcolm Goodman, 2nd Fred Harding, 3rd Keith Fransella, 4th John Lowe.