Sunday 17 June 1977, Thanet

(East Kent Times) The debut appearance of Grand Prix midget cars was just one of the highlights of another outstanding show staged by Thanet Auto Club at their new Manston Loop track on Sunday. Fifteen midgets turned up but because track conditions were not ideal only ten managed to race. But the drivers put on some fast, exciting racing to thrill a large crowd of enthusiasts. Afterwards. they were agreed that the TAC track had plenty of potential and expressed the desire to make another visit in the near future.

Race one: 1st 19 John Graham, 2nd 21 Basil Craske, 3rd 40 Dave Wesbroom

Race two: 1st 22 Alan Fretten, 2nd 21 Basil Craske, 3rd 28 Malcolm Goodman

Race three: 1st 21 Basil Craske, 2nd 28 Malcolm Goodman, 3rd 57 Harold Lowe