Monday 29 August 1977 (2pm), Skegness

(Report from Short Circuit, October 1977 by Wayne Doidge) A long haul down to Skegness saw the Midgets treat an amazed audience to some spectacular racing. With Alf still on form he quickly worked his way from the blue tops to lead Mick, Malcolm and Basil home. A reversal in the second race saw Mick take the lead from Alf with Fred Harding in third. Some heart stopping moments in this race saw Dave Wesbroom lose one wheel after the other after as a blow out sent him full speed into the safety fence. Fortunately he was unhurt but the car's not feeling too good!

The third race saw Malcolm, Mick and Basil chasing after Alf, but they were still unable to beat him to the line. The last race was off to another quick start and all was going well until an impromptu incident saw a monumental pile up involving nine cars. A great deal of damage was done, but again, fortunately, there were no injuries. After the debris was cleared, the race restarted with five cars. Fred Harding decided he didn't want to hang about and promptly knocked a second off the track record to lap at 16 seconds dead. However commiserations are in order as with two laps to go his engine died, with Basil Craske going on to take home the trophy. Second was John Lowe, Brian Forrest third and a new driver, John Lenton fourth. These were the only finishers, but an awful lot of hard work saw most of the cars racing an hour later at Boston. The women folk deserve a special mention here as they were all helping change wheels, etc for the shale track.