Monday 29 August 1977, 7pm, Boston

(Report from Short Circuit, October 1977 by Wayne Doidge) We were all a bit late for the meeting unfortunately, but it wasnít for the want of trying. Still, all seemed to be forgiven as the Midget drivers put on two really good races. Basil put his foot down in the first race to take a nice win from Brian Harding, who was racing on slicks (what some people do for bit of excitement) and brother Fred Harding finished in third. A creditable result incidentally, came from a fairly new driver to the ranks, Pete Waters.

The final was sewn up when Alf took a liking to collecting trophies. Second home, after a weekend plagued with mechanical problems, was Harold Lowe with Basil as third place man. Iím sorry if I sound like the chairman of the Alf Boarer fan club, but the weekend definitely belonged to Alf with five wins out of nine.

A good but tiring weekend was had by all (we clocked up 760 miles on the round journey), and itís also interesting to note that the Midgets are breaking track records all over the country, so that must mean something good. See you all at Bovingdon on 25th September.