Sunday 28th August, Hartlepool, British Championship

Report from Short Circuit, October 1977 by Wayne Doidge

Well, they do say that one manís loss is another manís gain and as I managed to blow my engine up in practice, I was duly elected to expound my literary talents. The Bank Holiday weekend was to be the most hectic and dedicated weekend I think weíve ever encountered, starting with the British Championship at Hartlepool. The racing was the closest ever seen with Alf Boarer, Mick Bonner, Malcolm Goodman and Brian Harding really forcing their way through a tight pack on what was a very fast, grippy track. The race was anybodyís, eith nearly every star driver taking a turn at the front. Alf Boraer drove beautifully to take the lead, but made a costly mistake on the last bend to let Mick Bonner and Malcolm Goodman back front. However, as always on the day, Mick took the chequered flag to add yet another title to his collection (I think heís after a Knighthood next week!) Well done Mick.

The second race was fast and close, with Alf Boarer absolutely determined not to make the same mistake and left little doubt that he was going to win. Mick, Malcolm and Basil Craske followed him home.

The final was a repeat win with Alf leading Fred Harding and Malcolm Goodman home. It must be said that the racing was of extremely high standard and very fast, with most of the first three or four drivers going over the finish line with a mere few cars lengths between them.