8th May, Wimbledon - Report from London Diary, Spedeweek no 12

Banger Teams and Grand Prix Midgets are not perhaps an obvious combination for a meeting, but what an enjoyable evening's racing they gave us at Wimbledon on May 8th.

The Midgets were dominated by Mick Bonner, who won the second and third races after dropping out of the first with a puncture, Malcolm Goodman and Frank Boyles.

Mick is down to blue grade at the moment, following a disastrous series of mechanical problems, and in his two wins he took full advantage of the fact. Malcolm and Frank had a breathtaking struggle in the first race, with Malcolm finally taking the lead with just over a lap to go. Mick Clement went well too but hit the fence near the end leaving Roland Parker to take third spot.

The second race had to be stopped after three laps with Derek Johnson and Malcolm Goodman badly tangled. Derek needed some St Johns treatment, but Malcolm was fit to have another successful struggle with Frank Boyles, this time for second place. In the trophy race, Malcolm retired leaving Frank and Paul Emery to follow Mick Bonner home. Plenty of cars made for good racing on a track which missed the heavy thunderstorm which ended the cricket at the Oval a couple of hours earlier.