Wisbech Meeting 21st June

The club took the brave move to hire Spedeworth circuits for themselves and three meetings were arranged and promoted by Bill Boarer, Wally Harding, Frank Boyles and Keith Fransella. Keith recalled that the first two meetings lost money but the third was a success and made enough profit to make the three meetings break even overall.

Heat One: 1st Paul Emery, 2nd Bob Huggett, 3rd Dennis Hooper, 4th Neil Thomas, 5th Chris Davis, 6th Pete Smith.

Heat Two: lst Keith Fransella, 2nd Roland Parker, 3rd Barry Martin, 4th Alf Boarer, 5th 74, 6th Brian Spicer.

Consolation Race: 1st Bill Boarer, 2nd Tom Frampton, 3rd Malcolm Goodman, 4th Dave Rowe, 5th Paul Daly, 6th Dave Wesbroom.

Match Races: 1st Paul Emery, 2nd Tom Frampton, 3rd Roland Parker, 4th Keith Fransella.

Grand Final: 1st Barry Martin, 2nd Tom Frampton, 3rd Paul Emery, 4th Dave Rowe, 5th Paul Daly, 6th Alf Boarer, 7th Dennis Hooper, 8th Pete Smith.

Allcomers Race: 1st Brian Spicer, 2nd Dave Rowe, 3rd Paul Daly, 4th Barry Martin, 5th Alf Boarer, 6th Keith Fransella.