13th April, Northampton
results from Graham Brown's collection

Heat one: 1st 70 David Underhill, 2nd 18 Roland Parker, 3rd 12 Barry Martin, 4th 34 Frank Boyles, 5th 30 Terry Teden, 6th 99 Derek Kisby, 7th 30 Terry Teden, 8th 88. The repetition of Terry Teden in 5th and 7th places is clearly an error. 88 is listed at the end of the season as Paul Daly's V8 number so it is possible he was racing both cars at this meeting.

Heat two: 1st 69 Bill Boarer, 2nd 28 Malcolm Goodman, 3rd 9 John Holtham, 4th 41 Keith Fransella, 5th 29 Brian Spicer, 6th 55 Neil Thomas, 7th 17 Paul Daly, 8th 96 Alf Boarer.

Consolation: 1st 24 Mick Bonner, 2nd 33 Bob Huggett, 3rd 73 Bob Elson, 4th 38 Tom Frampton, 5th 19 John Graham, 6th 23 Chris Davis, 7th 31 Dave Cox, 8th 26 Fred Harding.

Final: 1st 96 Alf Boarer, 2nd 28 Malcolm Goodman, 3rd 70 David Underhill,4th 18 Roland Parker, 5th 33 Bob Huggett, 6th 99 Derek Kisby, 7th 6 Dan Hornby, 8th 12 Barry Martin.

Allcomers: 'No results given' written in the programme