Thursday 9th May, Aldershot, Southern Championship
Report by 'The Informer' from Spedeweek number 15

This meeting saw the first Championship of the season but unfortunately heavy rain throughout took the edge off the racing although with over forty cars taking part the action was first class despite the conditions.

The first three qualifying races were graded. John Wilson of the MARC won the first race in fine style and never looked like being caught. Our own John Hawkins drove a good race and won the second event with a fine display of driving skill - not bad for a grandad. Our Frank Boyles took the third heat after a very close race with Ray Perry giving him a hard time throughout. Chris Davis of the MARC won the consolation - nice to see Chris back in a Midget after a couple of seasons in Formula Ford.

The big race of the evening was won by Frank Boyles who can now add the Southern Championship to his list of titles. Frank managed to get by Jim McDonald of the MARC in the closing laps. Jim looked all set to win until Boyles and Perry finally caught him. The final race of the evening was won by East Anglian star Mick Bonner.

Second Heat: 1st John Hawkins, 2nd Frank Boyles, 3rd Keith Fransella, 4th Malcolm Goodman, 5th 37, 6th Bob Elson, 7th Ray Perry, 8th Michael Davis.

Southern Championship: 1st Frank Boyles, 2nd Ray Perry, 3rd Jim McDonald, 4th Barry Martin, 5th Keith Fransella, 6th John Smith.

Report by 'Man on the terrace' from Spedeweek number 16

Another wet evening for the Midgets Southern Championship. Despite the conditions racing was good with both Spedeworth and MARC drivers shining. The championship was won by Frank Boyles from Ray Perry and Jim McDonald of the MARC. Heats were won by John Wilson, John Hawkins, Frank Boyles and Chris Davis (Consolation). Mick Bonner took the Helter Skelter.