11th June - Kaldenkirchen - European Championship
From Midget Memoirs by Frank Boyles, Oval News magazine

Midget racing is very popular at this German venue and our big event was watched by a very large crowd. The main event was our first race for which there was a draw. Guess who was drawn on the front row? That lucky man Tanswell, and next to him, soon to be rechristened HMS, Keith Fransella. I was drawn about halfway back. The previous day's racing took its toll on my brakes, having to brake down from about 100mph at Opgrimbie and they failed on the first lap of the big race. However I worked my way through to second place until, with scruibbing my speed off I drifted too wide and just touched one of the large tyres around the edge, which tore my rear wheel round at and angle and put me out. Meanwhile Keith Fransella had shot into the lead from Rod and for some reason best known to himself suddenly left the track and to the huge amusement of the crowd, disappeared down a large hole which was full of water - splash! Unfortunately Keith had forgotten his rowlocks so he put on his lifejacket and swam to the shore! Back in the race Rod was pressing on in the lead and had a fairly easy win and a huge ovation from the crowd.

For my own part, I very much enjoyed the weekend (seven wins out of ten starts) and hope that many more such trips can be planned in the future and I would like to take this opportunity of wishing Barry van den Oetelaar ever success with his promoting - he certainly deserves it.

11th June - Kaldenkirchen - European Championship Southdowner from Spedeweek no19

The last meeting of the three was for the European Midget Championship plus one race and a final for the last race of the day. The first ended abruptly when more than half the midgets congregated on coming out of the pit bend right in front of the crowded banks. On the re run later Frankie Boyles put up a terrific display to win easily. Though you read about it later, the Midget championship was their first race so the first three could not race again which gave Frank one ambition. He has often been heard to say he can win any ordinary races but when it comes to one with a cup something goes wrong. Things changed for this last race. Last man on the line he just swept through the field giving nobody the slightest hopes of catching him and there he was home. Behind him Derek Johnson had an easy second place until a back marker spun him out and he finished eighth but after a protest had been made he was restored to 2nd place as he deserved.

And so that European Midget Championship race. Grid positions were by draw. The honour of making the first draw went to our Harry Barnes who,with wife Lilly, had been working flat out throughout the tour looking after the British fans and competitors. First car out was… number one (Rod Tanswell)! Second car… number 41 (Keith Fransella). Two British stars on the front line. The race was a cracker. It was also the first time any Midget follower had seen a midget complete with driver down a well. Winner Rod Tanswell, runner up Malcolm Brockhurst with Derek Johnson 6th.


Rod Tanswell before the off

Race line up

HMS Fransella

Malcolm Brockhurst