14th July - Ipswich

Practice started at 9am and Midget driver Derek Johnson was first to practice htting the concrete wall, although he repaired his car in time for the racing later.

The first race of the weekend was to be a destruction derby specially for the TV, and a darn good one it was complete with rollovers, wrecks and a fine bonfire. A lengthy - and very necessary - sweeping session ensued, followed by a great Spedeworth v MARC midget match race won by Martin Robertson who won the thing twelve to nine for the MARC.

BP/CC midget star Frank Boyles had had some worries about the high number of cars on the grid of the next midget race, and his fears were justified when the race had to be stopped after a nasty seven-car pileup on the pit turn. Among the drivers who piled into, the heap, unable to see the incident because of the dust, was Frank's teammate Rod Tanswell. 'I just drove in, slap, like a clown' he said afterwards. Rod's car was so badly damaged that he and several mechanics had to lift it bodily off the track to get it back to the pits. Rod fixed the car and raced again later in the day, but with very little success. Frank Boyles won the race after the restart.

Race 1 Spedeworth v MARC: 1st 16 Martin Robertson, 2nd 6 Julian Bye, 3rd 34 Frank Boyles, 4th 24 Mick Bonner, 5th 47 Ray Perry, 6th 45 Derek Johnson, 7th 12 Barry Martin, 8th 2 Colin Byrne

Race 2: 1st 34 Frank Boyles, 2nd 24 Mick Bonner, 3rd 12 Barry Martin, 4th 6 Julian Bye, 5th 9 John Holtham, 6th 41 Keith Fransella

Race 3: 1st 24 Mick Bonner, 2nd 34 Frank Boyles, 3rd 6 Julian Bye, 4th 9 John Holtham, 5th 73 Bob Elson, 6th 12 Barry Martin

Mixed formula race

Spede Prix: 1st 24 Mick Bonner, 2nd 304 Derek Fiske (Hot Rod), 3rd 41 Keith Fransella, 4th 45 Derek Johnson, 5th 9 John Holtham, 6th 217 Bob Perry (Superstox)