27th August 1973 - White City - British Championship
London Diary by Man on the Terrace from Spedeweek no 32

For a long time I have thought that the White City track is the best in London for the Midget cars and Bank Holiday Monday did nothing to alter this view. The racing for this formula, with the British Championship as the main item, was really superb. The Spedeworth drivers were joined by members of the Midget Auto Racing Club and after a white grade qualifying race won by Dave Conway, 26 cars finished up for a rolling start in the Championship event.

British Championship Grid:
4 47 34 11 36 141 51
98 16 29 73 69
112 41 7 9 18 126 24

MARC driver numbers may differ from the driver listing in this chapter as there were number duplications e.g Paul Emery and Rod Tanswell both usually raced as number 1. The protocol at this meeting was for the MARC drivers to have a '1' prefixed to their usual number. Therefore Paul Emery raced as 11, Pete Smith as 141, etc.

Rod Tanswell's run of triumphs in the big events had to end sometime, and a burnt out wire put him out of this very early on after he had moved into third place. Another previous winner Mick Bonner joined him on the grass. At least three cars tried the White City fence and came off worst, while the lead was held by Don Bray, Derek Johnson in his smart Auto Magazine colours took over. With five laps to go Frank Boyles passed Johnson, only to drop right out a lap later, leaving Bill Boarer to chase Derek home.

During the last few laps Derek's feet got so hot that the soles of his shoes had nearly melted, but he was happy enough to receive his cups in his socks while the shoes cooled off.

1st Derek Johnson (grid 5), 2nd Bill Boarer (grid 10), 3rd Bob Elson (grid 8), 4th Frank Boyles (grid 17), 5th Keith Fransella (grid 16), 6th Brian Spicer (MARC - grid 6), 7th John Holtham (grid 20), 8th Dave Conway (grid 25).

Dave Conway followed up his excellent drive by winning the next race for Midgets while the last race for this class was won by Richard Parsons of the MARC. This was perhaps some consolation for the MARC who had not had a very good meeting at all. Since their first superb match at Aldershot last year they have not done as well as many expected.

White Grade
Race 3
Race 4
51 Dave Conway
45 Derek Johnson
51 Dave Conway
16 Richard Parsons
37 Daz White
69 Bill Boarer
9 John Holtham
41 Keith Fransella
26 Woddy Harris
73 Bob Elson
34 Frank Boyles
34 Frank Boyles
31 Dave Cox
34 Frank Boyles
112 Cliff Davis
36 Ben Davies
19 Mick Davis
41 Keith Fransella
1 Rod Tanswell
4 Malcolm Brockhurst
56 Alf Skingley
29 Brian Spicer
4 Malcolm Brockhurst
9 John Holtham
13 Fred Mutch
9 John Holtham
41 Keith Fransella
69 Bill Boarer
51 Dave Conway
7 Pete Gutsell
51 Dave Conway