Saturday 1st July 1972, Harringey, European Championship (MARC)
report from Car Advertiser and Auto News

Car Advertiser and Auto News sponsored their first major championships this year on Saturday July 1 at Harringey Stadium. This being the European short-circuit championship for Grand Prix Midgets, Anglia and Mini Rods and Bangers. This was promoted by Promotasport Raceway International. Celebrities to present the major trophies of the night were Stirling Moss, Judith Jackson of Wheelbase and Sunday Times fame, Dennis Southwood of the BRSCC, Paul Jantet and Juliet Scott-Gunn (our own lady journalist). By 7.45, the start of the first race, a terrific crowd had assembled to watch battle commence. The first race of the night was for Grand Prix Midgets. 19 cars came to the line and after one warming up lap the race was on. Tony Bostock (Ed Hot Bra) took the lead which, one way and another, he held for 10 laps. Martin Robertson was in second place, followed by Cliff Davis (Car Adv), Paul Emery and Peter Jopp. Robertson took the lead on lap 11 with Paul Emery and Cliff Davis second and third. At this stage in the race there were one or two hectic moments as the star men worked their way through the field. Tony Bostock, although fast along the straights was most unpredictable on the corners but still on lap 13 Emery came through to take the lead and in fact held it to the finish. Cliff Davis after a struggle with Roberston managed to get past into 2nd place and Robertson hung on in 3rd position. The bad luck story of this race was Brian Spicer who had yet another visit to the fence after losing the wheel.

1st Paul Emery, 2nd Cliff Davis, 3rd Martin Robertson, 4th Tony Stubbs, 5th Tony Bostock, 6th Peter Jopp.

(Heat two)19 cars came to the grid again unluckily we were short of two cars. Brian Spicer, who had lost a wheel and John Smith, No 41, who had become involved in yet another shunt with Tony Bostock and took no further part. There were two new drivers out in this heat, namely German born Joe Therstappen in his first outing in the midget proved that in future races he will be a man to watch as he soon settled down to the crowded circuit. P Stapleton took the lead on lap two and held it for six laps, closely followed by T Stubbs, Cliff Davis, John Holtham and Paul Emery. On lap eight our very own editor took the lead and proceeded to lose it. Again on the following lap – it was yet again Tony Bostock who managed to spin in front of him causing him to brake hard and allowing P Stapleton to take first place with Cliff Davis in second place followed closely by Emery and our own Ed. who in turn had Holtham and Underhill in close attendance. Cliff Davis’s car went on lap 13 with a damaged rear suspension allowing Emery into second place.

1st Peter Stapleton, 2nd Paul Emery, 3rd Tony Stubbs, 4th John Holtham, 5th David Underhill, 6th Chris Davis.

The Midget final found only 16 cars qualifying and after one warming up lap the race was on. Once again Tony Bostock appeared to be the centre of all the action as on lap two he appeared to pull over to the outside with a mechanical problem of some sort and in doing so collected Hedley Leyton in the Radio Luxembourg car car taking him into the fence. Meanwhile new driver Therstappen held the lead for the first seven laps closely pursued by Robertson, Stapleton, Underhill and Emery with P Jopp close behind. Robertson took the lead on lap eight with Holtham now in sixth place followed by T Stubbs. On lap 10 Emery moved round the outside, slipping into second place with our editor moving into third. On lap 17 Robertson made contact with Chris Davis putting Chris out of the race. This put Emery into the lead, followed by Holtham, Underhill and Stubbs. By lap 21 Robertson drove through the field back into sixth place, by lap 22 Underhill and Neil collided putting both cars out. A fantastic finish to a very exciting race.

1st Paul Emery, 2nd Tony Stubbs, 3rd John Holtham, 4th Joe Therstappen, 5th Martin Robertson, 6rh Peter Jopp.

Trophies were presented to Paul Emery and Tony Stubbs by Stirling Moss and on their lap of honour the crowd gave Stirling and the drivers a great ovation.


filming at Wimbledon Stirling Moss with the winners

filming at Wimbledon Stirling presents more prizes