MARC Driver Profile - David Niven
from Car Advertiser & Auto News 5th July 1972

David Niven first became interested in motor racing when he was asked to fly two people to Silverstone. "That was about 1958 and, I must admit, the bug really got at me." He had just purchased a Speedwell-converted Mark 1 Sprite and when he returned home from 'Stone he decided to enter the car in a few local rallies and sprints.

At the time he was training to become a flying instructor and this ultimately put paid to any further thoughts of competition. His next venture on to the circuit came in 1961-62 when he took up karting and, though he is very modest about it, he did very well and scored not a few wins. He did so well that he was asked to join the England team, but had to decline because of other commitments.

David's next road car was a Willment tuned Cortina GT. It was suggested that he enter it in a sprint at Brands. "I went along thinking I knew it all. I hurtled into Paddock Bend and went all the way round with two wheels up on the bank. Now you know why I like driving on the banking!" Still neither David nor the car sustained any serious damage.

David also went racing with a DRW, a rear engined sports car and a Formula 4 RF4. The latter car took him to a first and a third - "no real fame, I suppose, but I enjoyed every minute of it."

"It was through my great friend Brian Spicer that I was introduced to Midget Racing. After he let me drive his car at the White City press day (when virtually anyone who's anyone in the motoring press drove the Midgets, and put the MARC on the map) the bug really bit - again!"

"I can now say that I have the nicest bunch of friends I've ever had. In particular there's Syd Segal, through whose kindness I am able to race and do something I really enjoy."