Saturday 8 April 1972, Long Eaton (MARC)

(Long Eaton Advertiser Friday, 14 April 1972) Heavy rain on Saturday did not stop the debut of Grand Prix midget cars at the Long Eaton Stadium but it did mean that they could not perform as well as hoped the track at the stadium was too heavy for the small cars, and only an average crowd turned out to see the drivers straining to get the best out of their machines in deplorable conditions. The cars are powered by racing motors similar to the Coventry climax up to 1,300cc, which produce around 120 BHP, and on dry tracks can let that speeds of more than 70 mph.

They are single seaters and almost replicas of Formula One cars of the 50s and 60s front engined jobs which have a wheelbase roughly the same as a Ford Escort, specially built and driven by members of the Midget Auto Racing Club the President of which is Stirling Moss. The cars are spectacular to say the least when at their best. Graham Hill is also associated with the club, which is based in the South and draws its membership mainly from London and Surrey.

It was hoped that Radio One DJ Johnnie Walker, a keen motor enthusiast, would be present and the Radio Luxembourg 208 car, driven by Hedley Layton, would be in the lineup however they found it impossible to be at the meeting after all.

Co-promoter of the evenings racing, Mr Neville Hughes, said that he had been in touch with the club since Saturday, and that the secretary had apologised for what he called a rather poor showing on the night, owing to the condition, but the midget cars would be back in Long Eaton later in the year.

Apparently, the drivers had been very pleased with the way they had been received in Long Eaton and would like to come back. We have not fixed a definite date yet, stated Mr Hughes.

About 1,000 is spent on the turn out of each car, and as a result each one is immaculate as well as fast. Its a money mans sport, commented Mr Hughes.

Race one: 20 laps: 1st 1 Paul Emery, 2nd 12 Cliff Davis, 3rd no27 4th 8 Griff Griffiths, 5th 14 David Niven, 6th 29 Brian Spicer, 7th 28 Roy Watts

Race two: 20 laps: 1st 99 Peter Stapleton, 2nd 41 Peter Smith, 3rd 1 Paul Emery, 4th no 27, 5th 10 Terry Neale, 6th 8 Griff Griffiths

Final 30 laps: 1st 1 Paul Emery, 2nd 6 Tony Stubbs, 3rd no 27, 4th 99 Peter Stapleton, 5th 8 Griff Griffiths, 6th 29 Brian Spicer