Friday 17 September 1971, White City, British Championship
Report from Stock Car and Hot Rod Journal by Man on the Terrace

At the White City, perhaps the best track in London for the Midgets, Mick Bonner surprisingly won the British Midget Championship, after failing to qualify for the Final in either of the heats and having to start at the back of the field. Remember this means that he was starting behind the winner of the two heats, who was himself giving half-a-lap to the lower grade qualifiers.

Now you could well argue that in a major champlonship non-qualifiers should not compete at all. You may also argue that in such an event to handicap the leading qualifiers is also absurd. In both cases I would agree with you, but these were the rules of this event and the drivers all knew this. Nothing can detract from a really superb drive in the Final which gave Bonner his well deserved title. Equally nothing can detract from the sympathy everyone must feel for Frank Boyles, who was, in the absence of Rod Tanswell in South Africa, expected to retain his title.

Boyles as expected won the first heat from Derek Johnson and Ben Davies. Handicapped half-a-lap, he also won the second heat from Julian Bye and Colin Harper. In the Final Boyles came through to take the lead, was seriously held up by backmarker Colin Bryne, was caught and passed by a very fast moving Mick Bonner, spun and recovered well to take third place behind Bonner and Dick Waldock.

This was Midget racing at its best and the supporting hot rod racing was equally good. In the team event George Polley's 'Pushers' beat Barry Lee's 'Angels' 43-30, Bob Howe, Polley and Lee winning the heats. Paul Smyth won the two races for drivers not in the match and in the 'Vanishing Point' Trophy Lee won a tremendous race from Polley and Alfred Wolfe. An interesting visitor in the hot rod event was Norman Humphreys, the Midland Hot Rod Clubs Points Champion. A 3rd and 4th place should show how good he can be. His future visits to Spedeworth tracks should be watched with interest.